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Will, week 1
Week 1

Will, week 6
Week 6

Adult Fitness

TRN 2 WIN uses a variety of workout modalities to keep fitness diverse and rewarding. Each workout will be specifically structured to help you reach your personal needs and goals. You will never be bored but continuously challenged with great motivation and support within your training session custom-designed for you.

If you are still training within your old workout and you are plateauing TRN 2 WIN will modify it for you so your goals are met.

Fitness for Kids

You have tutors to help improve your child’s math, language and science skills. What are you doing to help your child improve their fitness level and overall health? Statistics have shown that eighty percent of overweight ten to thirteen year olds will become overweight adults. The more overweight a child is, the higher their risk for adult obesity and type II diabetes...Scientists have also estimated today's generation will live fewer years than their parents.

Now is the time to help your child with a personal trainer to instill a sense of pride in their health and fitness. Undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make in your child’s life from now until their Golden Years…

Will is an eleven year old boy. Three years ago he was a competitive gymnast. When he gave up on his gymnastic workout three years ago, he unfortunately also gave up on healthy eating and switched to fast food and dessert-like drinks. When he started with me this summer, he weighed in at 155 pounds...far too heavy for his 5-foot frame. After 6 weeks of training and life changing eating habits from he lost a staggering 28 pounds and has regained his confidence and competitive spirit. Will is continuing his journey at home with encouragement from his family and hopes to return to the world of gymnastics.